Are you an artist who is having a hard time to find a good place for exhibiting your paintings or artistic creations? Or maybe, are you a fan of art that needs a place to venture and explore new items that are potential to become a part of your collectibles? Whether you are a good artist or maybe a fan of photography, artistic paintings and sculptures, there will always be a good place for you to explore.

Art galleries are famous for being the best venue for exhibiting good art works and sculptures. It is a place where artists showcase their output in photography, painting, and or sculpture. Exhibiting in an art gallery to highlight your art works could be one of the greatest achievements that you can do as an artist. It is the time to show it to the world that you are a good and unique artist.

So it is important to choose an art gallery that has a spacious area for the event with good lighting and electricity that seems to be under the maintenance of the Kaneohe electrician. It is important to make sure that all the electricity, the lighting, the area, the food, and the accessibility of the art gallery should be kept in mind. These are some of the variables that would be needed in order to give the guests a good impression about your exhibit.

Meanwhile, for fans of art, it is important to scout in different art galleries that have unique and one of a kind creations. It is not necessary to go to the most famous art galleries. It would also be good to venture and seek for great perhaps on new art galleries who are just starting in the business. There would be a lot of creations by local artists that would really be admirable and wonderful.

It would also be good to scout in different art museums or public galleries to look at the wonderful famous art works of different prominent artists in the world. There are a lot of art works that could inspire you as an art enthusiast. There are different various types of art that could enlighten your day.

Here are some of the greatest kinds of art work that you can explore with as you venture in seeking for great art works:

1. Watercolors

This kind of art is almost just the same as painting by using oil on canvass. However, in watercolor, the medium has a different texture and paper used. Watercolor gives you a lighter color than the oil. However there is a different style as well as you can make different textures out of using salt technique, or alcohol technique.

2. Prints

 This kind of art has different types of printing. It can be using the technique in wood cutting, engraving, monotyping, etching, mezzotint, aquatint, drypoint, lithography, screenprinting, monoprinting, digital prints, and other forms of printing.

3. Photographs 

This is probably one of the most famous kinds of arts. This kind of art is produced by using a camera. A point and shoot kind of camera is one of the most commonly used for photography exhibit in art galleries. There are a lot of different techniques in order to capture a good photo. There are some kinds of photography that focuses on human photography; there are some that focuses on street photography; while others do enjoy taking shoots on food photography; a lot do take nature or landscape photography. There are different genres in photography. It depends on the artist what kind of genre would they prefer most.

4. Artist’s books

This form of art is the utilization of the works of art of an artist in the form of a small book. It is like a print version of an art gallery. There are several types of artist’s books that you can see. There are fold-outs, scrolls, concertinas, or loose items in a box. There are really wide ranges of forms when it comes to an artist’s books. However, this form of art has originated from the late 20th century.

5. Costumes

Costumes are one of the greatest icons for identifying a group of people. There are various kinds of costumes that are shown in an art gallery. Here are some examples: swimming costume, evening costume, riding costume, and dance costume. These costumes were worn by different prominent people in the history of the world. That is why these costumes have been valuable whether is in a public or private gallery.

6. D

This is one of the famous and basic forms of art. There are different drawings that need not to be applied with water color, oil, acrylic paint, or other mediums. It just needs a plain ink where they can apply different techniques such as scribbling and cross hatching.

7. Decorative Arts

In contrary with fine arts, decorative arts are one of the most useful and utilized kind of valuables. This form of art is used for decorations, interior design, but not for architecture. In contrast with fine arts, decorative arts have a real purpose for the daily lives of people.

8. Furniture

9. Installation Art

Installation art is the creative use of space and interior design. These are site specific kind of art work. It makes use of the three dimensional illusions of art that is designed to make a transformation in the perception of a space.

10. Collage

This type of art is probably familiar to all of us. It is a combination of different materials such as magazine, newspapers clippings, paints, tissues, photographs, and even leaves as well. It aims to form a new image using these materials.

11. Sculptures

This branch of visual art focuses on carving and remodeling. It is commonly used as a technique in modeling a clay, stone, wood, and even ceramics.

12. Paintings

Who would not know this kind of art? It is the most famous kind of visual art. It is about artistic and creative expression of art. Paint is used such as oil, acrylic, latex paint, or poster paint.

13. Pastels

This is just like coloring by using crayon. However, it has a different texture that makes it more wonderful than crayon. It is often accompanied by the use of oil and cotton to further enhance the way of making the painting.

These are just some various types of art works that you can find in a gallery. Art is not just seen in the form of painting. There are a lot of art works that you can find. All you have to do is explore and get to know these various types of art better.

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