Are you one of those loyal enthusiasts of arts? Do you enjoy looking at places with wonderful art works all around you? Have you ever seen a street art before?

Art has so many various forms and distinct techniques. Artists discover new techniques in order to hone and develop their talent. For some artists, canvass is not enough to become the sole frame for their art. So throughout the development of art comes the street art.

There are different types of street art or guerilla art that you have probably noticed already as you pass by the streets. There are distinct art works that you would totally love to look at. These street arts make the city even more colorful during the day and night. People love to take photos of them using these street arts as a background.

Through this way, artists can also express and show their feelings without the necessity of having an exhibit in expensive galleries. Moreover, people can see and appreciate that street art is not an act of vandalism; it is an expression of art.

So here are some of the few things that you have probably noticed as you wander around the city. Let me introduce you to the distinct and unique street arts:

1. Graffiti

A graffito is an expression of political views and calls or just a plane art; art for art sake. Graffiti have been common and existent since the ancient times up until today. It is expressing art through painting in the walls for public view. Usually a paint or spray paint and markers are most commonly used by graffiti artists. Many groups have formed their own organization in different places as local graffiti artists who express their perspectives and advocacies through guerilla art.


2. 3d Illusion Guerilla Art

Three dimensional arts are now very famous among artists. It needs constant practice most especially with the fact that this is no longer a simple four cornered canvass. This time, the canvass is the entire street itself. A lot of artists make it seem to be realistic that creates illusions to the people watching.




3. Chalk art

This kind of art is harmless and just temporary. From the name itself, this guerilla art uses colored chalks in order to create an image. It gets easily erased so it is not a threat to the authorities. It is usually done in walls or in the floor of the streets. It needs special lighting especially in the evening to highlight the street art. So it is a must that with this kind of art comes also a good electric structure as if it was under the maintenance of a Kaneohe electrician.



4. Wall painting

This is one of the famous guerilla arts that you can see in the street. It is just like the usual painting that you can see. But this time it is now painted in a wide wall in the street for public view.

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